My research

As the Research Director at the South African Shark Conservancy (SASC) I  have overseen the development and implementation of research projects aimed at improving understanding of the ecological impacts & socio-economic value of recreational shark fishing, mitigating human-wildlife conflict using telemetry and spatially explicit management models, and collecting baseline ecological data on mobile marine species and habitats using a multi-faceted research approach.  My current research is focused on the spatially explicit management of endemic chondrichthyans in Walker Bay, South Africa. Additionally, I am conducting my PhD research on the valuation of living marine resources to inform the strategic development of Blue Economy opportunities in South Africa.

I have supervised nine MSc & BTech students, am collaborating on three PhD studies focused on elasmobranch population dynamics, population genetics and movement ecology, and am working with Post Doctoral researchers to investigate ecotoxicology and parasitology of sharks in the Cape Whale Coast.