Meaghen McCord

Scientist // Mentor // Explorer // Business woman // Mother

About my work

I am originally from Canada, but have been based in South Africa since 2003. I have a Masters Degree in Fisheries Science, where I specialized in the stock assessment and fishery management of commercially fished sharks in South Africa. I am the founder and owner of the South African Shark Conservancy where I oversee the development and implementation of research projects and the training of early career scientists through the Shark Academy.  I have co-authored scientific papers on sharks and serve as a specialist scientist on a number of international committees. My experience has led me on many adventures, which have been featured on Animal Planet, BBC Earth, Discovery Channel, Forbes Women Africa, and more.  I started The Shark Company in 2018 to share sharks with the world in a unique, responsible and interactive way.

Vice Chair

Network of Women in Marine Science


IUCN SSC Shark Specialist Group


Reunion Shark Risk Management Center

Founder & Owner

South African Shark Conservancy and The Shark Company


South African Shark Advisory Group

African Water Warrior

Forbes Women Africa

My research

I have been studying sharks around the world for more than 20 years. I work with a global network of scientists, conservationists and communities to drive conservation change. I am currently focused on the development of pragmatic ocean conservation solutions for coastal Africa using a holistic scientific and outreach approach.

Blue Economy

Developing natural capital accounting systems for ocean resources.


Studying movement ecology, behaviour, life-history, genetics and fisheries.


Assessing biodiversity and habitat types in the Cape Whale Coast.


Understanding fishery impacts on sharks.

Parasitology & Ecotoxicology

Supporting research on the effects of parasites and pollution in sharks.

Women in STEM

Working with the Network of Women in Marine Science to empower women in Africa.

The business of science

Creatively funding conservation science through business development

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The Great African Shark Expedition

Join me in December 2020 for The Great African Shark Expedition. Experience sharks like never before!